My Story

I have been crafting and creating ever since I could hold a pencil.  It is in my blood as I frequently dream of shopping and creating while asleep (okay and sometimes when bored).
It has been well over 10 years since I was first given a stamping set from Stampin’ UP by my Aunt.  I will confess to having no earthly idea how to use them.  Give me a pencil, paint, markers even crayons, those I knew how to use.  Little did I know what a lifelong passion it would start!
Stamping is efficient and directs your creative juices.  It is frequently hard to look at a blank canvas and instantly come up with an idea out of the air.  Stampin’ Ups products, stamps and other tools are high quality and extremely diverse.  This is why I have used them for so long and decided to become a demonstrator myself.
I hope to share my 10+ years of experience while we craft together.  Contact me anytime! I love connecting with people interested in creating!