My Story

How I became the Serial Stamper! Now, a little about how I got here. As far back as I can remember, crafting has been a fancy of mine. But, unfortunately, it wasn’t something I pursued until recent years. Two to be exact. I started out playing with stamps one day & the next thing you know, I found myself asking the question; what can’t a stamp do? I so am excited to share the prospects with you! Stamping you may ask. Why stamping? To tell you the truth, I am not an aspiring artist per say; I can barely draw stick people. So, stamping is where I found the artist in me. Stamping I have found to be the such a creative outlet. It is practical. It can be transferred to a variety of media. It ranges from easy to as complex as you want it to become. Not only will you entertain yourself, you will also inspire & share with others. Besides making hand made items & gifts, which is awesome in & of itself, you can actually make money doing it. Which brings me to how I became a STAMPIN’ UP Demonstrator.crafters brain I must say this has been the most unexpected path for me. I spent the first part of my adult life as a wife & mother, then the next 10 years as an emergency room RN. Now I find myself sharing & caring in a whole other way. I have to say here that I have never been a social butterfly or even possessed much in the way of social etiquette skills. So much so, that I would be hard pressed to send more than a birthday card and I didn’t know why I had to send thank you’s when I could just tell them thank you. I admit this to my shame. But, true to life, and the Creator, one never knows where the learning ground will be to acquire new social skills, especially if one is asking for direction. I have to say that crafting has been bringing out the more refined part of me. Who would have thought? Like the other occupations I have had, I find this one to be just as diverse, challenging, & satisfying. So, come on become a link in the paper chain.