My Story


Tamsin Adams from Tamsininamania

Hi and welcome to my page

I love Stampin' Up...AND

I do love all the little things. Delight in simple things.

A mother of three beautiful children and loving husband.

Our family: including Rex dog, Puss cat, fishys, chookies, woolly the sheep and his mates. Our curious cows and we have had a few cheeky ones...


Plus my gardens and there's lots...The vegie patch, (If only the chookies would keep out of the vegie patch arghh!!!) The orchard (the cows loved that one too), our olive grove, the green hot house, my daffy bulb patch, the rhodo and azaleas with brick pathway, the chinese patch with our summer bath...and my newest addition the vineyard...

All of it keeping us busy, entertained and inspired.


I have many many interests, scary thought for my eye rolling husband. (he does that a lot)

I absolutely adore my munchkins, love my family, and friendly friends.


Come join me here and watch the world pass by, creatively inspired by all...

Cheers Tam.