My Story

I worked for over 30 years in IT, most of that time I was part of the web team for a large company. It was a very creative and fun career and it really kept me grounded in the arts. I began making cards around the time I started working in IT and though over the years my creativity spanned from web design to jewelry crafting and garment design, I've always kept my connection to card making and papercrafting.

I even have my original 1990's D.O.T.S. catalogs, with the stamps and supplies I'd purchased still marked for the record. Those now live in storage while my husband and I slow travel. I was so pleased to be able to have enough space in our trailer to bring my papercrafting supplies with me. I have plenty of room in our trailer to create and on occasion, I get to spread out at lodges where we camp and share my craftiness with others.

I also have a long history with horses. A serious back injury has sidelined me from riding, but I still get to spend time with them through family and friends. The picture is of me with my favorite horse I ever owned, her name is "Sweetie" and I was able to visit her and her owner in my travels.

Happy Crafting ~ Tracy