Demonstrator Benefits

Product discount

Demonstrators get a 20 percent discount on all Stampin' Up! products, including stamp sets, paper, and accessories. It's a great way to support your love of stamping, paper or digital crafting, home décor - or whatever your passion may be!

Extra income

You'll earn extra income based on your sales and recruiting - just how much extra income is up to you. Maybe you want enough income to pay the electric bill every month, or maybe your goal is bigger - the monthly payment for your new car. That's the beauty of the demonstrator experience - it's all up to you! See the Compensation Table for more information.

Flexible schedule

This is your business, so you can put as much (or as little) time into it as you'd like!

Support from Stampin' Up!

We love our demonstrators and it shows through our demonstrator support materials. Workshop ideas and audio and video trainings on all kinds of topics are available at your fingertips on our demonstrator website. Plus, you'll receive our monthly magazine just for demonstrators, which is full of informative tips and beautiful samples.

Learn more about the financial benefits of being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.

I'll help you build your business as large or small as you want, all while getting a 20% discount on Stampin' Up! products. You can also earn free product and incentive trips, all while while building strong relationships with others!




Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator

What does it take to get started?
The completely customizable starter kit is only $125 and can be personalized based on your personal stamping style! In addition, you’ll receive all the necessary business supplies—forms, catalogues, training videos, product guides and more!

Is there a quota to meet?
The sales requirement is only $400 in accumulative sales every 3 months—basically one average workshop would cover that. You can generate sales through an actual workshop, directly from catalogue orders, or from personal merchandise purchases.

What commission does a demonstrator earn?
You can earn anywhere from 20-40% of workshop sales (before shipping and handling). That means you also receive a personal discount of 20-40% on your own merchandise purchases, because you’ll be getting that percentage back in your commission. Plus, you can also be your own “hostess” and earn stamp sets and merchandise for free!

Do I have to invest in merchandise inventory?
No, all merchandise orders are filled directly through Stampin Up! Your only inventory is the personal merchandise that you purchase for personal or demonstration use.

How many workshops do I have to do?
It’s completely up to you! Whether that is one a month, one a week or five a week – you decide what works best for you and your schedule. You will be operating your own business and you will determine your own level of success—paying for your hobby or paying your bills. There are many achievement awards available, including a free cruise for two, if you are the ambitious type.

Do I have to do in-home workshops?
No, you can be a demonstrator and never do any workshops if you don’t want to. Many people have become demonstrators just to get stamps at a discount. They meet the monthly quota through individual customer orders or “catalogue” parties. However, in-home demonstrations have the advantage of introducing newcomers to rubber-stamping, plus they create interest and enthusiasm that can’t be captured in the catalogue alone.

Are there additional costs?
Replenishing your catalogue supply is the main consumable cost since each hostess receives a free catalogue as one of the hostess benefits (our cost is about half the price). All other hostess gifts come directly from Stampin’ Up! and are VERY generous! Miscellaneous business supplies and forms eventually need to be restocked depending on how often you do workshops.

Would I be required to go to meetings or conferences?
Absolutely not! We have meetings where we get together and share ideas, new techniques and swap cards, but these meetings are always optional. They’re very helpful though, and you won’t want to miss them!

What if I’m not creative or artistic?
It doesn’t matter. The artwork is provided and the stamps are so great they really sell themselves. You simply provide the information and the “how to”. Plus, there are hundreds of ideas in the catalogue to use as your idea bank. In addition, you will receive a monthly Stampin’ Magazine that is loaded with great business and stamping ideas. You will also have access to the demonstrator website, which has 1000’s of projects you can duplicate.

What obligations are there if I should decide to quit?
None whatsoever! If you find that being a demonstrator is just not for you then you can quit at any time, although I’m sure you won’t want to! But if you ever do, just think of all the fun stamps that you’ll get to take with you!

So…what have you got to lose?

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