My Promotions

FREE Project Sheet just for Ordering!
Each time that you place an order with me, I will email a Free Project Sheet to you. This project sheet provides details about what you need, the measurements and step by step instructions on how to make the featured item. 

Happy Stamper Tokens: 
Every $50 product increment purchased from me online or in person earns you a Happy Stamper Token. I will keep track of your tokens on my computer and when you have 10 tokens . . . you can pick a stamp set of your choice from our catalog! ANY stamp set . . . ANY price . . . from ANY current catalog!! Happy Stampers will be tempted to do the Happer Stamper Dance!!
There is no need to turn the tokens into me. When you have 10 tokens, I will send you a gift certificate to invite you to select your FREE stamp set! THANK YOU for your loyalty!