My Story

Many years ago (oh around 2006), my good friend from the Mom's group I was very involved in, Jamie Albanese, invited me to come to her party.  She just started this business as a Demonstrator for Stampin' Up!  I had no clue what that was, but I said, sure, I'll come as a guest to your workshop and help you out...


I went to MANY of Jamie's workshops, and then started attending a monthly Stamp Camp at her upline's (Susie Reno's) house.  Over the next TWO YEARS, Jamie and I talked about me joining.  Of course, I wasn't really serious about it at that time, but it was an idea I tossed around in my head from time to time.  After those two years of her saying I should join, and two years of ME saying I should join, in March 2008 I finally did it!  But I soon felt like the timing was off...

I decided to join just weeks after she and her family moved an hour away!  Oh boy!  Silly me!  I should have joined sooner!  She'll never let me live that one down!  

I decided to join in the midst of a floor remodel in my home... In the midst of finding Subterranean termites under my kitchen island.  In fact, Jamie came to visit me from an hour away and we sat at my dining room table, which was in the living room on the bare concrete floor, among all my homeschool books on bookshelves floating in the middle of the cramped room and everything was covered in dust.  Definitely a memorable visit, I'd say.

I joined and shortly after I joined, my Father-In-Law became seriously ill.  We found out that he had prostate cancer and within just a couple months, he lost his battle.  I thought I joined at a seriously WRONG time.

So, I didn't do anything with my business for several months.

When I was ready to give this a go again, Jamie suggested to me that I should attend her upline's (Susie Reno's) monthly meetings and hook up with that group.  So I did, and that fear of being alone in my business attempt quickly went away when I met with the wonderful ladies of Susie's group.  They welcomed me with open arms, gave me a table at their stamp camps and from there, my customer base began to grow.

Near and far I had support that I had never expected.  I LOVE my customers and many of them have now become close friends. Some of those close friends decided to join Stampin' Up! as Demonstrators themselves and I'm so happy to have such a wonderful downline!  Even when I need to take a break (for instance... from early 2014 to early 2015 - I remained a Demonstrator but didn't hold any events) when I was switching jobs and just being a busy mom... My customers understood... My downline understood and when I was ready to go again, they were ready for me to come back.  This business is like family and it's something I'll never let go of.

And by the way, that picture up top was made with the very first stamp set I ever purchased from Jamie...  A stamp set that I will NEVER sell...

"Loads of Love"... :)

Sarah Smith
Stampin' Up! Demonstrator since March 2008