My Story

I recently became a demonstrator myself through a co-worker.  It all began with a Bake Sale coming up for Valentine's Day and one of the volunteers new that my co-worker was so creative.  She has actually been a demontrator for years and we've all seen the work that she does but it just never occurred to me to ask.  Anyway, the idea was to make several Valentine Cards and sale at the company's Bake Sale. So several ladies, including my self, gathered during our lunch hour and began creating.   Well when I received the invite, I was so excited to attend.   As the day approached, I was amazed of all the things that can de done with stamps and punches.  Stampin Up! had me at hello!  I was taken in.  I just knew that this is what I wanted to do.   I mean my daughter is currently a freshman in highschool and soon she'll be off to college leaving me with nothing else to do.   So what a way to start my business now and it should probably take off by the time she graduates highschool or even sooner.  This could even help to pay for some of her expenses.
So I signed up and I'm not waiting for my kit to arrive.  But as I waited for my kit, I watched several videos of past demonstrators on the crafts they created just using the supplies that I had ordered in my kit, so you know I couldn't wait to get it and get started. 
I was also motivated even more to help both my brother and Dad in their business since they both are in video and photography.  I could help design Birthday cards, wedding invitations, Thank you cards, party favors and even CD cases.  Their business could definitely help me bloom soon. 
There are just so many crafts or projects that you could do by using Stampin Up!   I'm sure you will be as excited as I was when I attended a craft party.  See you then, I hope!