My Story

My story of being a demonstrator is an easy one to tell. On the way to Jackpot for my birthday, my sister kept talking to me about becoming a demonstrator under her. I had been buying supplies for a while but lived in a really small apartment and most of my supplies simply gathered dust in a blue plastic bin under my bed. But I liked the idea of a discount and I liked the idea of supporting her. And, the boys in the car were getting tired of the conversation so I agreed to sign up when we got home.

Since then, that little blue bin that hid under my bed is now full of samples in a big craft room in my home. I started to make time for creativity, something I was slowing losing as I went to work each day and grew into routines that were not centered around being crafty. But stamping brings me back to myself. It allows me to make time for myself and the things that I enjoy. I love taking photos and turning them into projects with a little adhesive and a lot of love. I like the feeling I get so much from crafting that I try to do workshops each month so I can help others make time for themselves too.

My customers are a constant reminder of how Stampin’ Up! helped put me back on my path. Spending time with friends making things that will make others smile when they receive them is really fulfilling. And this incredible group of women that I share crafting time with are some of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met.

Some people may not think that they are creative. They may not think that they can do this kind of thing. But some of those very women are customers in my group who get a special kind of smile now when they finish a card or project at my house. They remind me that I love what I do.

The other part of this stamping family is my actual family. My sister is my upline and I have watched her grow into an incredibly creative and inspirational individual. She’s a great leader and mentor and all those in her group know how to have a great time. My mother is also a demonstrator and she is constantly amazing us with her ideas. She has a level of innovation in what she does that is amazing to me. I learn from them both every day. Between all of us, we spend a lot of time crafting together and have some great traditions now with my mother in law, grandmother, aunt, and cousin that I look forward to every year.

This may not be something that is for everyone but it was definitely the thing for me. I spend a lot of time during the week as an analyst fixing problems and collecting data. But at the end of the day, I come home to an incredible husband who embraces the importance of a creative outlet. He is a bassist and drummer and he creates through sound while I create through color. It means the most to me that he supports this passion and is so understanding about sharing his time and his home with it.

So, the story was a short one but I’m longwinded on the topic because it is one of the decisions in my life that I will never regret making. This has been a fantastic journey and I hope to do it for a long time to come!