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Join me on Saturday, April 30th as we create cute fold-out albums that make perfect gifts AND benefit a great cause.  As you may or may not know, I have two sons, both of whom are on the autism spectrum.  Services that benefit autistic children have benefited my family greatly and that's why I like to host a fundraiser each give something back to the programs that have touched our lives.  This year's beneficiaries are My Place and My Friends. My Place is a ministry of Curtis Lake Church that provides a safe, fun and nurturing environment for special needs chidlren while their parents attend a service.  My Friends is a program that they are developing that would be open to any special needs child in the Sanford and surrounding communities.  It would feature activity nights where children would attend with their parents/aids and work on much-needed social skills while engaging in activities such as games, dancing, etc.  There are similar programs in Portsmouth and Portland, but nothing in the Sanford area.  It's VERY hard to find activities that promote social skills and are free...which is the aim of My Friends.

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