2008 Mom-and-Me Valentine Stamp Camp

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These are the projects that I will be featuring at my 2008 Mom-and-Me Valentine Stamp Camps.  Each child will create six of each design, for a total of 24 projects.   All supplies (even the candy) are included and all cardstock will be cut and ready to use.

This is a great event for moms and their children to have fun together and get those school valentine treats done at the same time.  I held two such camps last year and apparently they were a hit because I've already had one of the hostesses ask me about doing two camps for her daughters!

If you would like to schedule this event for you and your child,  please contact me.  I will need a guarantee of at least six children participating, and payment is due one week prior to the event so that I can prep all materials as well as purchase the treats.

The cost for this event is $15 per child.  The parent of each participating child must be present to help (after all, it is "Mom-and-Me".

If your child does not need to make 24 valentines (standard classroom amount) because, for instance, s/he attends preschool with fewer children, please let me know and we can adjust this camp as necessary.

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