My Story

It's My Time to Shine!

Hello and Warm Welcome to Shan’s Magical Makings, I am grateful that you stopped by today!

My name is Shannon Gorton, Creative Coach and Creatrix of Shan's Magical Makings. Crafting with a plethora of mediums is truly my passion!

Since I can remember, I have enjoyed arts and crafts of all kinds. My earliest recollections of arts and crafts were my Crayola crayons and a sizable inventory of coloring books. I recall one occasion receiving the amazing Crayola 72-count rectangle box of crayons and new coloring book and being just thrilled! To my delight, I’m pretty certain I spent hours and hours coloring with my new expanded set and coloring books.

A few years passed by and into 3rd through 5th grade, my crayons evolved to markers and the marker coloring books that were somewhat popular in the 70’s. Again, numerous hours were spent coloring and shading.

Over the years, (Remember, I was coloring with markers and marker coloring books in the 70’s!) I have dabbled in a plethora of arts and crafts mediums and techniques: Fabric paints and appliques; Painting/Glazing/Firing Ceramics; Sewing and Quilting; and Creating gorgeous, handmade Dream Catchers, Mandalas and Handheld Fans (for smudging) with natural materials, ceramic and glass beads.

A little over a year ago, I started learning ink, stamp, watercolor, and other fun art and craft techniques. As I practiced a variety of techniques and created a healthy number of projects, I started developing my own talented, crafting style, an eclectic mix of Vintage, Mixed Media, Shabby Chic and Steam Punk.

Discovering that my soul shines when my talent and passion align as I create cards and handcrafted items was my astronomic “A-Ha” moment!  At this time, I immediately clarified my intention to manifest selling my lovely, unique, handcrafted items and art and share-with as many people as I can-how fun, enjoyable, rewarding, and fulfilling creativity can be!

I am now an inspiring Creative Coach and the Creatrix of Shan’s Magical Makings. I provide people the ability to “Step into the creative flow of the Universe”© by teaching and sharing creative tips and techniques in card making, paper crafting, mixed media and altered projects. Magically inspired and a sparkling, visionary artisan, I design and create a plethora of beautiful and unique, handcrafted items in my studio workshop to sell online.

Enchanted by the refreshing location and breathtaking scenery, my supportive and dynamic family and I thrive in a delightful, quintessential town located in northwestern Connecticut.

Let's have fun! Let me help you "Step into the creative flow of the Universe!"©