My Story

Being a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator is fabulous---I get to meet new friends and we have a great time stamping together.

For me, helping someone create that perfect project for a special occasion is the best feeling in the entire world. After all, creating cards, scrapbook pages, and gift items is about more than just stamps and ink—it’s about sharing a part of yourself with the people you love.

I've been stamping with Stampin'Up! for 10 years and there's so much more to stamp---so little time, so many unstamped surfaces!
Stamping is so awesome that I have to control myself--I lost 10 pounds in 3 months--I forgot to eat several how's that for the newest diet fad?  Besides, it's more fun to buy stamps than groceries.
Join me in the most fun and easy projects, guaranteed to bring a smile to your day, fun to your life, and new friends to your circle.