My Story

I am single and live  in Jacksonville FL. with my three Havanese as roomies.  One of my favorites things has been hand crafts.  I started basket making several years ago but when I had to have hand surgery I needed a new outlet for my creative genius (haha).  I was invited to a Stampin Up workshop by one of my friends and bingo I was hooked.  I kept going to workshops and being passed from one demonstrators to another.  One of my good friends kept showing me cards she made at workshop/classes she attended.  I thought they were beautiful and elegant but didn't think I could make anything close to these fabulous cards.  Then I met Lee Conrey who is now my Up-line and good friend, she showed me that I could create beautiful cards.  She offered me the Stampin UP opportunity in passing one day and it was like a light came on.  I use the simple design theories Lee had taught me to show others that they too can create beautiful cards to share with their friends and family.  I love creating new cards and sharing them with others.   Please consider hosting a workshop and sharing the Stampin UP message with your friends.