My Story

I've always loved crafting and art, these are two things that I have done as long as I can remember.    I have a BFA degree in printmaking, so stamping comes very natural to me.    It is also a way for me to do my art without a press.   I also love paper, I always have a I have a nice collection of art paper, but I digress.  I live in Alabama, and as we would say "born and raised".    I have four dogs that I love dearly they are my fur babies.   I spend as much time as possible working in my studio, and our house.  We purchased a historic home about three years ago so theres always something going on.   I am spending time getting the studio above my garage ready and moving stuff into it.   Everyone is excited about that!  

  I am excited to be able to offer these wonderful products to you.   If you any questions please contact me.