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Learn How To Make Card Corsage

Inventer of the Card Corsage technique and proven method to make 4 cards in 30 minutes. Let's make sure you have FUN every time to step into your studio!

Hi everybody and thank you for visiting today!

If you love keeping in touch with family or friends, you will feel right at home here.  My priority is turning card makers into card SENDERS. I also love to show you pretty little gifts and gift packaging can make your day while handing out Keepsakes of Kindness in the form of covered chocolates, tea bags, and gift cards ... which make THEIR DAY!

I became a card maker many years ago in order to stay in touch with family and friends. There is nothing like getting something in the mail that has a loved one's handwriting on the envelope, and when there's a handmade card inside, the blessing is multiplied. What you've just received is a Keepsake of Kindness!

I teach on a regular basis. I hold monthly and bi-monthly classes as either a single event, or a class series using techniques that turn your papercrafting in WOW projects in only an hour.  My classes are fun, full of laughter, and just the party* you need every month meeting new friends and sharing what we love!

*Of course there will be cake!