My Story


Stamping and showing others creative ideas has been a passion of mine over the last 14 years. I love to see people grow in their creative confidence as they have fun with others. Having the wide variety of Stampin'Up's amazing coordinated products makes the creative process that much easier. Using God's gift of creativity blesses us ALL!
Here's a little bit about me
Born........April Fool's Day in Santa Monica, CA
               I've been in Calif. ever since
My Family..... 2 Adult sons 
Pets........ 2 Adorable Calicos cats Bailey and Ellie
                3 chickens, 1 rabbit, 12 Morning Doves
Live..........In dreamland
Passions.. Doing things with my family, hiking & camping.
                ANYTHING crafty, taught sewing for 6 years, love jewelry making, painting and
                yarns. Gardening is a BIG one.
Favorites...Vintage stuff, PINK, Peanut M&M's & Junior Mints, trying to repurpose stuff, 
                 tea parties, garden shops and going out for breakfast.
Challenges..Breast Cancer 14 yrs. ago, moving too many times and finding enough TIME!
Amazements... GOD's GRACE continually!
Need to improve......the list is too long