My Story

I joined Stampin' Up! as a hobby demonstrator, just after my daughter was born in 2007. I just wanted the discount, and the first crack at all the new stuff!! I really enjoyed going to my upline's card parties to make cards (and socialize) every month too! Crafting was my relaxation, my downtime. After working all day, and then spending the evening with my husband and two young children, I loved to just get out my supplies and get craftin'! 
As time went on, we moved to the central valley. I was now a SAHM with *no time* on my hands - what used to be my midnight hour of relaxation and unwinding, was now... just way too late for this mama!! I had my third child last year, and have spent the past months learning to balance my life again. Quite the balancing act!  Crafting really helps me in many ways. 

As a Stampin' Up Demonstrator, I'm looking to find people who want to spend time learning, relaxing, and enjoying crafting together. I am a problem solver and naturally curious, so I like to try new techniques and learn new things. I really like to know all about a thing before I decide I like it and I definitely like to research how to do something before I do it! I like to have projects to share that are challenging, but not so hard that we will be here all night trying to get it done. I'd like for you to feel accomplished when you finish, and confidant you could do it yourself. I like my crafts to be clean and simple, to be quietly pretty, and to not take all night. As a busy mom there's a mile long list of where my attention to go, I'm sure you can relate with all you have going on in your life too! I'd love to find a group of friends to craft with, who are as gaga over paper and crafts as I am and will squeal in delight like I do when they find something really cool to make. ;-) Yes, I'm a craft nerd. Are you?? 

I choose to keep Stampin' Up! and crafting as a big part of my life because through it I can do so much!
I can express my creativity and take time to learn new skills and techniques. I can spend time with friends and make useful and pretty things for friends and family. I can meet new people and find a bond through the love of paper crafts. I can share ideas with and be inspired by people all over the world through a network of Stampin' Up! Demonstrators that is just enourmous! I can earn an income that supports my hobby (passion) AND contributes to my family. I can show my children that being creative is part of who I am, and doing what you love and sharing it with others is how life should be lived. 

When we spend time together crafting I know that we are not just making cards or projects, we are not just talking, learning, and laughing together - we are making memories and celebrating life. Come craft with me!!