My Story

When I first picked up a stamp, I didn’t expect it to feed me creatively, support me financially, and help me to touch lives...yet it has done all that and more. I love to create every day, provide creative coaching and offer project ideas to my customers and friends.

Creating cards, scrapbook pages, and gift items is about so much more than stamps and ink—it’s sharing a part of yourself with the people you love.

I live in Duluth, Georgia, with my husband, Jim. We have three grown daughters, three granddaughters, and I’m the guardian of a sixteen-year-old boy (who reinforces every day that boys are indeed wired differently than girls!). I moved to the Atlanta area 30 years ago from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and became a U.S. citizen in 2009.

Along with spending time with family, friends and creating art passions include music, painting, arts education, reading, travel, photography, cooking, child advocacy, health care reform and some volunteer organizations. I frequently travel to work on local and national disasters with the American Red Cross and support agencies such as Compassion, Habitat for Humanity and Camp Fire Boys & Girls.

I've been teaching paper arts and leading my demonstrator team since 2005.

It’s a wonderful life!


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