My Story

Love to stamp? I do!!!

Wanna learn? I can help!
You want me to what? Make "creations" wit rubber stamps??? Well, being a teacher, that didn't sound possible!  Rubber stamps are for correcting papers, right?  WRONG!!! Boy, was I taught a lesson!

Several years ago, a good friend invited me to her Stampin' Up party. What is that? But, being one to try anything at least once, I decided to give it a try! I'd enjoyed scrapbooking for years prior to that, but never with "stamps"!!!!!! Well, I soon found out that Stampin' Up is a way to make the most beautiful creations!  I've never considered myself an artist, but with my stamps, I feel like a star!  Anyone can do this! I was suddenly creating things I'd never even dreamed of!  This very quickly became not only my hobby, but my addiction as well!!! I now make all kinds of cards & gifts for family & friends.  They  love receiving them! It's a great feeling to send a greeting to someone and see them so excited!  I can't tell you how nany tines I've heard things like, "that's beautiful," or "that made my day," or "you're so talented"!!! I just smile and think to myself, "it's EASY!"

I recently "retired" from over 20 years of teaching primary grades. While teaching has been my passion for just about forever, I felt it was time to work on the home/work/family balance that seemed to be missing with such an important job.  My 2 wonderful sons are grown, and the collede bills are paid, so it was time for a change!  But I also knew that in "Phase II" of my life, I still needed to earn some extra $!!!  My fantastic husband reminds me of that everyday!!!  So, I'm very excited to be doing just that-making $ doing something I love!   It also allows me to keep close to my roots-teaching!  Only this time with "bigger" kids!!!

I've made so many wonderful friends who share the love for this craft!  I would love to add you to that list!  I hope you will let me share with you my love for Stampin' Up and the wonderful opportunities it offers!  Please feel free to contact me anytine for info or with questions or ideas! I'm available for parties/workshops at your convenience.  (Did I say you get free stuff??)  I look forward to not only sharing with my many great friends, but also making lots of new friends who will soon learn to enjoy what we love so much!
Joni :)