My Story

Janet Baker, a friend of mine, came over to my house and showed me a catalog on a company that her nieces had just started called Stampin' Up!® At the time I was selling 6 different stamp companies out of my home. Ordering wholesale was really inconvenient and having customers coming to my home was very disruptive. When Janet showed me the catalog, I looked through it and decided right then that I would sign up. With Stampin' Up!® I could make my own hours, get a chance to get out of the house to with grown ups, so I could get a break from my 3 toddlers, and sell enough stamps to build my own collection. I signed up the first week that the company was in business, October 1988.
During one of my very first workshops, I got my first recruit. I was not prepared to do any recruiting. I decided to focus my efforts on promoting Stampin' Up!® as a business opportunity to others. I still did 2 to 4 workshops a week but put a lot of time into recruiting. Because of these efforts, the Creative Stampers Group is one of the largest in the company. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know and work with these wonderful people. In my Stampin' Up!® career, I have been able to earn many incentive trips and bonuses, all while doing what I love and supporting my family.