My Story

Family Life:

I am "Mama" to 2 boys (CY4: 16 and Cy: 7), and have been married for 17 years. Born and raised in Hawaii, and never left the state.  Finished high school, some college. (Was planning on going for nursing, but changed my mind). Met my hubby in '92, and was married to him in '94.  Our 1st son was born in '96.  Purchased our home in 2001.  2nd son was born 2004.


When I was a young girl, my neighbor and I used to have those stamps that come in those self inking plastic casing.  Most of these stamps were small, and cute.  We would stamp the image on a piece of paper, and cut them out, and mail them to each other, uncolored.  If I considered those days my beginning days of "stamping", then I can say I have been stamping for 30 years.  LOL!  However, it wasn't until 1 year prior to our wedding, when my hubby asked me to "chose" a hobby.  At first, I chose to collect watches.  I quickly lost the love of collecting watches, when I realized that I can't wear them all at once, or keep purchasing them knowing that I would be collecting something that was expensive and not that satisfying.  At this time, I had a small collection of wood mounted stamps, mostly consisting of Christmas stamps.  I was then introduced to my hubby's best friend's wife, who was a dorm adviser, and she had a collection of stamps used for her students, and when she heard about my collection, she got real interested in what I could do with them.  At that time, nothing was created in "layers", but everything on the surface of a blank piece of white cardstock, therefore, everything that I did was embossing.  Which I loved so much because it made coloring so easy to do.  This was the 1st time I realized that it is stamping that I want to collect, and stamping that I want to share!!  Thus began the journey of my Stamping Hobby!! 

Fast forward to 2005 - I saw on a co-workers desk a Stampin' Up! catalog was being viewed.  I asked her, "what is that?", she said, "a Stampin' Up! catalog", I said, "what is Stampin' Up!?", she said, "a stamping company that sells stamp sets through a catalog", I said, "Like Tupperware and Avon?", she said, "Yes!".  I said, "I wanna sell those, how do I sign up?".  She introduced me to her friend, and on the 1st day that I met this friend, I signed up under her.  This began my journey with Stampin' Up!

Fast Forward to 2010 - This is the 2nd time I have signed up with Stampin' Up! as a Demonstrator.  I stopped being a demo in 2008, and was enticed by the $35 re-signing fee.  Who couldn't resist?  The Lord has always had a plan for me.  In the Holy Bible, Jeremiah 29:11 it states, "I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  I know that if the Lord want me to work this way, and glorifying HIM through my creativity, then so be it!!!  So, here I am, back again... and I hope with all the years of stamping and crafting I will be able to bring to you lots of ideas, fun and support.  

I am so excited to be a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.  With all the coordinating products that Stampin' Up! offers, my projects can be created quickly.  I love blessing others with a handmade product, or project that I have put my heart into creating.  The Lord has blessed me with creativity that I never thought I even had.  Whenever I give someone a handmade project, their face lights up, and I consider myself truly blessed to be able to see their joyful reaction. As you can see, He continues to bless me through this journey, because without His love, I wouldn't be able to fully appreciate the JOY He has given me to create!!!  Jesus Christ, Our Lord n' Savior has diplayed HIS love for each and every one of us on the cross!!  And I am thrilled that Stampin' Up! is helping me to bless others, to share HIS love thru the gift of creativity that HE has blessed me with!  To God Be The Glory, of all that I am able to do thru this business.  May He continue to guide my path, and bless every single project that I create.  And that it continues to bless the lives of those that receive them.

If you love to create, and would love to touch the lives of others by giving a handmade project created with Stampin' Up!, please send me your email, as I would surely love to hear from you.

If you need prayer, send me an email, and I will be honored to pray for you!!!