My Story


Hi, I'm Issy and I'm a crafty Bee!  One of my favourite nicknames is Bee, my sister started it all when she was little because she couldn't say Isabelle and instead she said Ibee.  So I answer to Issy and Bee and when it comes to crafting I just love to be a busy Issy Bee.

I think I've always been creative, when I was a small child I loved to make things out of other things - yes I was the Blue Peter girl and I had so many wonderful influences from the women in my life; my Grandma Mary taught me to sew, Mum also encouraged me to sew and helped me with needlework homework from school, my other Granny taught me that with limited resources you could always make something - she was amazing!

In my adult life I've enjoyed making things from jewellery to scrapbooks and cards but always felt frustrated when I couldn't find the right bits and pieces to finish off a project, then I discovered Stampin' Up! and I was smitten.  The best bit about Stampin' Up! is the fact that everything works together, the colour families are amazing and then the stamps and punches co-ordinate.  

So, I hope you too will be smitten and will really enjoy our products and join me in discovering new ways of being creative.