My Story


Having been a SU demonstrator for the past 21+ years has been quite a journey.  Ilove being creative every day, even though I always say I am a great "copier."  I also get to meet wonderful people all over the country, be a creative coach, and find joy in encouraging my customers and friends.  I love seeing the happiness people find in stamping.

INTERESTS: playing with my two adorable granddaughters; vacations in Kauai; spending time with my husband; family get-togethers with all the kids.


QUICK BIO: Married to Mike since 1979. Kati lives with husband Joe and their daughters Aubri and Sammi in San Diego; Mandi, lives in Hollywood and makes movies; Randy is a senior at Cal Lu in Thousand Oaks.


FUN FACT: I’ve been teaching since 1979 (K/1st for 15 years) and now teach 6th grade LA/Sci.  My husband teachers 8th grade history at Edwards AFB.  We live in Quartz Hill, CA (about an hour north of LA).  At the moment we've got 2 dogs (Daisy--a weimareiner and Petey a beagle) and 3 crazy cats---Ziggy, Princess, and Annie.  I went to Brazil while in college and water-skiied on the Amazon.


MY BACKGROUND: Born and raised in So.Cal--and yes, my family are USC Trojans!  Meet Mike at church and he is still my best friend.  After raising 3 kids, they are turning out pretty well;  The house isn't quiet for long; ladies come over to stamp and there is always a kid or two that comes home to visit.


In 1989, I attended a Stampin’ Up! party out of "obligation" to a good friend.  I didn't even stay for the demo, but just booked a workshop and left.  I was home on maternity leave with my last child and my husband was student teaching.  We were broke.  I had never stamped before in my life.  After Jill had done the demo at my house, I asked her lots of questions about SU.  I borrowed the demo kit money from my MIL ($250) and signed up.  My goal was to do a workshop a week.  It quickly grew and grew.  God has continued to bless me.  My Inkyfingers group has grown to demos all over the U.S.  I found that niche of creating, copier and sharing that I needed.