My Story

Hi There!

Being a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator is so rewarding. I get to stretch myself a little every day & offer fresh ideas & encouragement to help your creative juices flow.

This is more than just stamps and ink—it’s about sharing a part of yourself with the people you care about.  When we stamp together, there’s a part of all of us in our projects.

Stampin’ with friends is more fun than stampin’ alone so let’s stamp together soon!

To see where we're going, visit my dog's blog  To see where we've been, read on...

FEB 1999  - Just signed up!  Can’t wait for my kit to arrive!  I think I can do one party a month.

JULY 1999- Just returned from my first Stampin’ Up! convention!  WOW!  Three events a month is easy to do around my work and social life.

JUNE 2001-JUNE 2003 - I’m Vice President and then State President for Beta Sigma Phi.  Lots of traveling but it’s still fun to stamp with my friends once a month.

SEPT 2003- Lights, camera, action!  I got to tape a segment with Carol Duvall for her Holiday Workshop on HGTV!

APRIL 2004- I’m kickin’ the day job to the curb.  I believe being a full time Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator is the right thing for me.  I’m tired of being a square peg in a corporate round hole.

JULY 2005- This is enough to take my breath away!  I received what some say is Stampin’ Up!’s highest honor, the Heart of Stampin’ Up! Award!  They only give it to 1 or 2 out of 50,000 Demonstrators annually.  I’m wearing that heart award necklace every day!

NOVEMBER 2005 - A little 8 week old Jack Russell comes to live with us.  He’s so cute!  I just HAVE to call him Stamper!

MAR 2006 - Cecil & I enjoy our first Stampin’ Up! cruise.  We spent his birthday on our way to the Mexican Riviera with two of my best friends.  Made new ones too!  Gotta love that. goes live on the web.  What a resourceful dog!

APR 2007 - Our second Stampin’ Up! cruise is to the Panama Canal just after our 25th Wedding Anniversary.  We made beautiful stops to the Bahamas & Aruba.

JULY 2007 - In July 2006, I was #94 in the United States.  This year, I made U.S. Demonstrator of the Year #68 out of over 40,000 and a position in the Founder’s Circle!  I never believed I’d ever be where I am now.  Everyone should try this!

SEPT 2007 - Enjoyed my first Founder’s Circle retreat to Lake Powell, Utah.  BEAUTIFUL!  Stampin’ Up! takes me all these places I probably never would’ve seen otherwise. 

MAR 2008 - New York City and cruise to Bermuda!  I thank God every day for allowing me to do this.

MARCH 2009 - What an AWESOME time we had with an ocean front room on the Big Island of Hawaii!  Kona was beautiful.  Making new & renewing old friendships is the BEST part.

AUGUST 2009 - I call Cecil from the Awards Night.  My knees were shaking as I stood on stage as #7 Demonstrator of the Year (U.S.).  To top that off, I was asked to be a part of the Advisory Board for the coming 12 months.  I must be in Heaven!  It just doesn't get any better than this!  Wish you were there to share it with me.  Can't wait to attend the Founder's Circle Retreat in St. George, Utah & Advisory Board Retreat in Salt Lake next month!

SPRING/SUMMER 2010 - Stampin' Up! sends us to sunny Puerto Rico & on a cruise to the Southern Caribbean.  How lucky I am because now I get to meet my dynamic team members in San Juan before the ship leaves.  I can't believe how blessed I am!  #4 Demonstrator of the Year & my 3rd Founder's Circle Trip with the top 100 to Southern Utah.

MAY 2011 - Stampin' Up! sends us to Alaska!  I really looked forward to this because both of my parents loved their trips to Alaska.  Now I know why!  (but I don't think they got any pillow gifts like Stampin' Up! gives us!)  (This is the last year they gave you a number for achievement.  I made it into the '30's.)

SPRING 2012 - Visited Mickey & his friends in Orlando!  It's hard to believe how stamps & ink have made such an impact on our lives AND travels!  Made Founder's Circle (top 100)

SPRING 2013 - This was never on our list, but Stampin' Up! took us to Fiji!  Breathtaking!  Best trip ever!  We would LOVE to go back.  Made Founder's Circle.

SPRING 2014 - We celebrated Stampin' Up!'s 25th Anniversary with incentive trip earners from all over the world on the biggest cruise ship in the world!  Western Caribbean was great visiting Jamaica, Haiti & Cozumel.  Celebrated 15 wonderful years with Stampin' Up!  Thank you to my clients & team!  Topped that off with another Founder's Circle Trip to St. George, Utah.

SPRING 2015 - An ocean front room with full view of Diamond Head for a week in Waikiki.  Missed making the last Founder's Circle, but I've still got the best job in the world!

SPRING 2016 - We loved the Mediteranean cruise with Stampin' Up!.  Want to go back for more of Rome and Italy.

SUMMER 2017 - Thailand with Stampin' Up! was spectacular!  What an adventure!  Thank you God for your many blessings.

SUMMER 2018 - We're packing our bags for Alaska again!  One of our favorites!

We're already on board for the Greek Isles July 2019 and soon we'll be working towards Maui in 2020.  Why don't you become a part of our 24/7 Stampers so that you can come too?  For more as the saga continues, visit