My Story


Many, many years ago - back in the mid-90s I think - I decided to have a go at this lark called rubber stamping so I bought a Christmas tree stamp from a local shop. It was horrible (the stamp, not the shop) - I really don't know what I was thinking. My cousin in Canada was really into stamping so I asked her advice and she sent me a few stamps to play with. I didn't get on with it at all because the stamps just weren't my style. And the range of stamps available in England was very limited. 

On a visit to England, my cousin showed me a Stampin' Up!® catalogue she'd been given. That was it. These were exactly the kind of stamps I'd been looking for and I begged her to send me some. 

"Sorry," she said. "They're only available in America." To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. 

Patiently I waited. Actually, that's not true. I was REALLY impatient, but eventually I was rewarded and Stampin' Up!® opened in Europe... some 10 years after I'd first seen that catalogue. 

I signed up straight away. And then panicked. Why on earth would someone with a fear of public speaking sign up to be a demonstrator? All I can say is that the desire to get the products overshadowed everything else. Soon I was a demonstrator with a calendar of workshops and classes and - biggest surprise of all - a growing team. 

Stampin' Up!® can change lives. I've seen people become successful businesswomen, I've seen people coping with difficult periods in their lives, I've seen people develop busy social lives and I've seen people tap into creativity which was either lying dormant or which they didn't even know they had. All because of Stampin' Up!®

What will Stampin' Up!® do for you?