Decorate Jam Jar

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Glass Jar Gift

Thoroughly clean a glass jar (save your cooking sauce, marmalade and jam jars).  Even if you are not putting food in the jar, you don’t want anything growing – other than your creative skills!  Make sure it is completely dry otherwise the washi tape will have difficulty sticking to it.
Choose your three washi tapes (this is the most difficult part).  I have chosen the ‘Season of Cheer’ tape bundle.  Wrap your first colour about ¾ of the way up the jar.  Take your time to get the tape in a straight line.  Butt the second colour up to the first and wrap around, keeping it tight to the first strip.  Add your third colour and the then second colour and lastly the first colour again.
To make the wire tie at the top of the jar, take a lightweight jewellery wire and cut a length of about 20cms long and try and get it as straight as possible.  Cut/tear a piece of washi tape about 30cms long and lay it on a mat sticky side up.  Lay the wire long the washi tape, trying to keep it as central as possible.  You can either fold over the washi tape to enclose the wire or cut a second piece of washi tape and lay it over, to sandwich the wire between two layers of washi tape.  Whichever method you use, ensure that there is not any sticky bits exposed from the washi tape (fold the bits over).  Snip the excess washi tape at the two ends, and wrap the ends with little bit of extra washi tape to make sure the sharp ends of the wire do not poke through.
Complete the jar by creating a tag using a tag punch.  Punch two tags about 3” long using contrasting paper – I used the Season of Cheer DSP.  Cut a piece of white cards stock 2” x 1 3/4”.  Second generation stamp a snowflake from the ‘Flurry of Wishes’ set in Sky Blue ink and stamp a greeting on it using Cherry Cobbler ink .  Round the corners off and off-set the tags and stick together with a dimensional.
Wrap the wire tie around the neck of the jar and carefully thread the tag on to it.

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