Bouncing Brayer

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Bouncing Brayer/Tie-Dyed Effect
‘Bouncing’ the brayer across the page to create a tie-dyed effect.
This is fun technique, that creates a bright and cheerful effect on the page.  It takes a little bit of practise, but it is best to work quickly without putting too much thought into it!
There are a couple of ways of laying the ink down for it to be used.  One way is to use the ink refillers and drop ink in a row onto a wetwipe that is placed in small container – this is to contain the mess of the ink, however you do need to have room to roll the brayer onto the wetwipe to load the ink onto the brayer. 

I prefer to place the ink by pressing one edge of the ink pad onto a glass mat, carefully put all the ink that you want down onto the mat like this.  The one thing to be careful of is cross-contaiminating your ink pads with ink on the mat.
Roll the brayer onto the ‘rainbow’ of ink, making sure you spin it to get an even coverage.  Try to keep the colours in the same place.  Some blurring and blending will happen, but you want to ensure you still have some individual colours.
Before you start, mentally think about the pattern you want and where any centre maybe.  Hold the brayer loosely in your hand and drop or ‘bounce’ the brayer on the page, let it roll slightly and move forward.  In the first instance I went around in a circle to create a star burst pattern.  You can re-ink and fill in any gaps as needed, although do not change the orientation of the paper as it may change the direction of the colours.  In the second instance I went vertically across the project.  The roller is about 10cms wide, so pick a piece of paper that width and add a few more colours to the glass mat.
I finished the square card off with a stamp from the Pictogram Punches set, and layered onto black card and on to a Delightful Dijon card blank (6x6).  I added a few black and gold sequins.

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