My Story


My Stampin' Up! story is a bit unique.  I started as a scrapbooker when our son was born in 1997 and my HUSBAND, yes, my dear husband, got me hooked on Stampin' Up!  My husband Kyle worked in a power plant where there are not too many women.  Well one day, one of the gals he worked with handed him a postcard invite and said she was having a Stampin' Up! party, did he think I would be interested in attending.  Kyle says to her, "My wife is into scrapbooking so I don't think she would really like stamping, but I will give her the invite."  When he presented it to me, he said "you don't have to go but it would be nice if you just dropped by".  I "dropped by" and one of the techniques we did was heat embossing.  Needless to say I was HOOKED! 

At that time I mostly kept my scrapbooking and stamping separate.  I didn't really get how to make it all come together, but I was hooked on the other things you could do with rubberstamps!  The lady I first went to see ended up quitting being a demonstrator but referred me to somebody new.  This new gal (now my upline) was awesome!  She had these fun monthly events called clubs and invited me to join.  I did and loved being a part of it! 

Fast forward to 2003 and Stampin' Up! is offering the Starter Kit at a discount (like they are doing now).  Well, I tell my demonstrator that I want to sign up as a demonstrator but only for the starter kit discount.  I say I am going to quit after that.  She tells me it is fine, Stampin' Up! is really flexible and I could customize being a demonstrator to what works for me, even if that meant not buying anything ever again after that initial purchase. 

My starter kit arrives and it is like Christmas morning.  I was SO EXCITED as I opened my box of heavily discounted goodies!  BONUS I discovered the Stampin' Up! website for demonstrators AND received a FREE monthly publication just for demonstrators and thought HOW COOL?  Did I mention there was no shipping & handling on the Starter Kit?  Next there were all kinds of promotions for demonstrators and my discount, and I called my upline and told her, "OK, I am going to stay a demonstrator, but I am not going to host any workshops. I am just going to have a class now and then to share these cool ideas with my friends."  Again she was very supportive. 

I had fun doing my classes but had one of my friends who really wanted to host a workshop, so I agreed.  The workshop was a tremendous success, and I began earning money to pay for my habit while sharing what I loved to do.  BRILLIANT! 

As I became more immersed in Stampin' Up! I started getting braver about mixing it with my scrapbooking.  My scrapbooking now is almost 100% exclusive Stampin' Up! products and I LOVE the perfect matches on the colors from the inks, to the cardstock, to the accessories as well as the beautiful colors coordinating so well with each other. 

I decided to attend the yearly Stampin' Up! convention in 2004 and was blown away at all of the cool stuff that was included in our convention fee.  In addition to classes, projects for make and takes (with all of the product), and stamp sets, there were thousands of ideas, tons of people just as excited as I was and then I saw demonstrators being recognized for all kinds of things and earning the incentive trip.  Pumped up I decided the following year, I was going to walk across stage and earn the trip (at that time it was a cruise to the Mexican Riviera).  I increased what I was doing from 1 or 2 events a month to 4-6 events a month and hit sales goals, promoted to Manager, and EARNED THE CRUISE!  All expenses paid for my husband and I and we just paid for our two children.  So much fun!

Life threw some major curve balls at me shortly after that convention and I scaled WAY BACK on my Stampin' Up! business.  I stayed active for myself to receive the discount, publications, and access to the website.  The great thing about being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator is I have had that flexibility to do as much or as little as I want.  No guilt or strings attached!

Now my life has taken another shift and I am back full throttle.  My passion for Stampin' Up!and the enjoyment I receive from it on a personal level is so amazing.  I cannot create things fast enough and through my excitement I am so happy to reach out and share it with others.  If you are someone who enjoys scrapbooking and stamping or somebody who is looking for something positive and fun to do for yourself, contact me to sign up for an event, or schedule a customized workshop or event with your family and friends.  Whether it is 3 people or 100 people I host events for all kinds of situations and invite you to share this fulfilling hobby with me.  If you want more information on becoming a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, whether just for the discounted starter kit, or to find a way to bring extra income into your life, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

In the next week I will be doing major updates to my website and blog with new samples, classes and events on the calendar, a monthly Stamp and Scrap club beginning in July, as well as "events" for those of you who do not live in my area.  Check back often, and please feel free to contact me, I would love to get to know you and help you with any of your stamping, scrapbooking and papercrafting needs.

Have a delightful day!

Emiko Westerfield