My Story

I became a demonstrator because I have always loved to scrapbook. Well, after awhile, I ran out of stuff to scrapbook and turned to cardmaking. It didn’t take long for me to be totally hooked! I enjoy being part of a company that inspires my creativity with exclusive stamps & accessories. They make it so easy with all of the wonderful, high quality, and well coordinated products. Try it out and I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

Creating that perfect project for a special occasion is the best!  It is so much fun to tell people that "yes, I made it" and they almost never believe you!  Come to one of my classes or book your own workshop and see for yourself!
Here are some stampin' tips to help you create the best projects you can. 

Book a workshop now and I would love to show you and your friends a new technique or two.  Hope to hear from you soon!


Using your markers with ribbon

Use either tip of the marker to color ribbon.  You can create any pattern in any color to add custom detals that coordinate with your project.  A fun trick is to color the edges of a white ribbon with a marker to coordinate that extra detail in your project.

To get a clean line when coloring just the edge of grosgrain ribbon, turn the ribbon over.  The edge of the ribbon is raised on the back or wrong side of the ribbon, allowing you more control as you ink the ribbon.

Stamping your ribbon
Some of the ribbons are wide enough that you can stamp right on them... Add a saying or something to step up your project even more!