My Story

It started all started in 2007 when my sister-in-law let me peruse through this fabulous catalog she had in her Ohio home (we just happened to be there for a visit from Texas). I have always been artistic and crafty but this was just too good to be true. She said, she had just signed on with them to be a demonstrator and I could help her out by purchasing a couple of things that I just had to have. I knew I was hooked after that. I loved stamping and continued to buy from her over the next 2 years when I finally decided it was time to sign up for myself. I wanted that discount too. So, I became a demonstrator in 2009. I continued to purchase just for my own love of stamping. You see I was in College as an older adult and raising a couple of teenagers. And working too, did I mention that. Life was a bit hectic.
Now we enter a new phase in our lives, it is September 2014 and I will begin my journey into making Stampin Up my business and enjoying every minute of it. You see I really do love what I do, and love to share it with all the wonderful people I meet.
So say a prayer for me as I journey forward that God will Bless Me and You alike, as I share what I love to do... CREATE
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