My Story


Did you just breathe a sigh of relief?

I'm a less is more person- if I have too much of something I am overwhelmed by the choices. I purchase clothes to easily mix & match. I have a 2-3 pairs of "go with anything shoes" and a couple of coats for cold weather. Get up. Get ready. Get moving. It's awesome. So why not apply simplicity to other parts of your life as well-like a hobby or passion? 


I'm Marcee Rodgers of Creative Overhaul. Why Creative Overhaul? Because I needed to overhaul my creative chaos. Before Stampin' Up! I had products from every company under the sun, but rarely did they coordinate. It was frustrating to dig through everything seeking items that would work together. Sometimes I would just give up on creating altogether. Stampin' Up!'s complete line of coordinating products allowed me to continue doing what I love-sharing creativity. 


Clean & simple are at the core of my papercrafting "style". Other than that, sometimes I like lots of texture, sometimes I love to color, sometimes I like to try something outside of my comfort zone. Whatever I'm doing I make it a priority to enjoy the process. It doesn't have to be perfect to be pretty.  

My goal is to provide you with inspiration every week! I actively blog and post on social media. I'd love if you joined me on my journey. You can find me via the links below:

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