My Story

I've never really thought of myself as creative.  It seemed whenever I tried to make something, it ended up in disaster.  When I discovered Stampin' Up, I quickly learned that it was as easy as putting ink on a stamp and pressing it on paper.  BOOM!  I'm creative!  The artists at Stampin' Up did all the work for me!  I think the thing that REALLY hooked me on stamping was the INSTANT GRATIFICATION that I got from rubber stamping.  Within minutes, I could create a piece of art.

I chose to join Stampin' Up so I could teach other women (especially those who don't feel they are creative) how to make incredible handmade gifts, cards, and home decor.  What a ride it has been!!  I love my job, I love the friendships I have made with the ladies who join me each month, and of course, the travel opportunities Stampin' Up has given me.

Does life get any better than this?  I think not.  ;)