My Story



In August 2009 I spent a few days at my friends in Edmonton.  Donna surprised me when she announced that we would be making a card. I never made a card before, never heard about Stampin’ Up!, never had a stamp in my hands before – I did not really need a card, and if I did, I’d buy one.  Of course I did not want to disappoint her and followed her to the craft room. 
One hour later I was well on my way to becoming a Stampin’ Up! demo – only I did not realize it at that time.  During the first session Donna showed me how to make my first card and a little treat box.  She had answers for my many questions.  I could easily sense the pride she took in introducing me to this craft and in her own gentle, quite way she lead me to “success”.  That same evening I attended my first workshop, I was overwhelmed.  My head was spinning and that night I dreamt of glitter, ink and having my fingers embossed by the Big Shot. 
At the end of my visit I left with the Catalogue and many finished projects safely stowed away in my luggage.  A few days later my daughter’s friend announced that she would be getting married in summer 2010 and was looking for someone to help her with wedding invitations.  At that point it was time for me to “sign up”.  How exciting, so much to read, so much to see, so much to wonder about – but with Donna as my upline readily available to guide me I had no worries. I was going to be able to work from my home, doing what I enjoyed and I was going to be able to make extra money.
Let me tell you all – the best of this process was the arrival of the UPS driver bringing the starter kit and my first big order shortly after.  It was like Christmas all over again.
Making the wedding invitations as my first big project was rewarding experience; personally delivering them to the happy couple was the best feeling ever.  What a great start for my new career!
I have now been a demo for a few years. I love what I do, because it brings me joy and pleasure to create beautiful projects and passing on the skills to my friends, my team members and customers, all while using high quality Stampin’ Up! products.  If you can see yourself have a similar experience, why not call me and I will be happy to assist you in getting started with your own business.
I am steadily working towards making my business a success and I can assure you that I truly am very happy while doing so.