My Story

Bible Crafts For Kids  came because of the need for something new for children's activities.
I was working in our children's ministry and they asked me to do a craft. I had been crafting for many years so I did'nt even have to think about it when I said yes.  The Create-A-Pages were the result of answereing the need for that craft.  Bible Crafts For Kids Create-A-Pages are the easiest and best way to hold the attention of children. But I have also used them for adults.
They are so fun because they are puzzles as well as a craft. YOu can make booklets or they act as a stand alone craft. They are FREE downloads and each download has full pictured instructions.
We use Stampin Up products to fancy them up a bit with stamped punched images. We also use the embellishments to add a little sparkle.
Buying Stampin Up products help us keep the Create-A-Pages for everyone.