My Story


That’s what we say here in Nashville, TN (the wonderful city I've lived in for 18 years now - I'm originally a native Floridian!). Here I am with my wonderful husband, John, and our two precious sons - Josiah (now 14) and Colton (now 10). When I became a demonstrator, I never intended to grow a "real business". Simply put, I wanted to get through "the baby blues" and have a time that I could get out of the house for a bit and call my own, meeting other women and making friends along the way. Well after 15 years, the Lord has truly blessed and my business has grown way-beyond the hobby stage. It has provided a substantial income for our family and for two consecutive years, I earned placement in the top 100 Demonstrator of the Year (out of 40K+ demonstrators!).  What a blessing! There are over 100 tremendous ladies in my group and it is so great making my colleagues my FRIENDS! I would love to share my story and the joy of paper-crafting with you. Please call or e-mail me today!

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