My Story


I am a Brazilian architect that loves handmade arts & crafts.  I am also an art instructor. I have the privilege to influence children to use their creativity to make artwork within my community.
My need to explore my creativity and to fulfill my social engagement lead me to start what I call Fun Friday. Twice a month, my friends and I have a little reunion when we spend few hours dedicating to our crafts: new ones or projects forgotten in our cabinets.
We take the opportunity to share our skills teaching each other new tips and techniques. That's when I decided to join Stampin' Up. My friend Yvonne (I call her my coach) signed me up. She is so supportive. She helps me anytime I need. I love her.
So, that is the kind of person I would like to be to you. Someone that supports and helps you with anything you need. To be your art and craft coach!
Thank you for visiting.