Saturday, March 26, 2011

Little Steeres at the Reunion!

Okay, these are little steers (the Little Steeres come later in this post).  Can you believe I found steers at a shop where we had our family reunion last weekend?  Usually I just find cows--but this time I found some cute little steers so I got them.   Sophie liked them, too:

Shortly after I took this photo, Sophie managed to grab the little one.  I got it away from her and I put my little steers away--to give to a future little Steere.

Here are the Little Steeres I met for the first time at the Steere Family Reunion:

These are my brother Mike's grandchildren and my Great Nephews and Niece:  Avery S., Sean W., Kellen S., and Caitlyn W.  They range in age from 2 to 7 (Caitlyn managed to get out of school for a couple of days!).  In this photo, they are getting ready for the shoe flip or whatever that game was called during the Steere Family Olympics.  We are a competitive group--DO NOT get in a Monopoly game with a group of Steeres.  Mike still can't stand it that I can beat him at checkers.  But I honed my skill as a Candy Striper at the local nursing home when I was in high school.  You can't learn checkers better than from a group of elderly, retired farmers who spent a lot of time around a pot belly stove in a country store playing checkers to pass the cold winter days.  Checkers--do kids in this age of electronic games even know what a real game is?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Steeres Uncensored

The Steere Family met in Charleston, South Carolina this past weekend.  That meant fun, food, craziness and one blow-up involving popcorn and the KU game (but we won't mention that again).  This was the first reunion of the Steere siblings since 1992--so I thought I'd post a couple of then and now photos for you to giggle over.  It's okay tease me about the red socks in 1992--I have no idea WHAT I was thinking!

Here we go--the Steere siblings in 1992:

Barbara, Gwyn, Sara, Mike

The Steere siblings 2011:

Mike, Sara, Gwyn, Barbara

And yes, Mike did stand on his toes to be taller than me!

Okay, here's another then and now.  The Langlands 1992:

The Langlands 2011:

In our defense, we took these pictures after the Steere Family Olympics.  All the Steere siblings participated--but there were slackers among the in-laws and the younger crowd.  If I could figure out how to post a video I would put up the one I took of Katharine shaking the box of ping pong balls on her butt.  Alas, I am unable to embarrass her now (and I am sure she will not show me how to post it!)

Okay, the last then and now--because the photos are too cute!

My daddy circa 1917 about 4 years old--well maybe it was around 1919 and he was 6:

Here is Avery Steere today at 4 years old:

Do you see a family resemblance!?!

Some of you may be looking for some stampin', so here is a photo of the projects I did for the reunion:  a goodie bag with family name tag and the label with the t-shirt size.  I used Garden Green craft ink on the canvas bags and Crumb Cake card stock, Garden Green and Early Espresso classic ink and Early Espresso Stampin' Write marker on the tags and labels.  The images are from the Out West stamp set.  The tags were made with the Two Tags Bigz Die and my Big Shot.
Images © Stampin' Up!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Sneaky, Squeaky Christmas Tale

Don't you just love the holiday season?  I love making and wrapping gifts for loved ones and making treats we definitely don't need!  I love putting up decorations and playing Christmas music.  Even Sophie is extra excited this time of year.  She looks in all the packages I bring home and puts her paws up on the dining room table so she can watch me open up all the packages we receive from family scattered across the country.  She "helps" me put the presents under the tree and gives them an extra sniff or two before we are off in the office finishing up gifts or Christmas cards.  Since our tree went up a little earlier than usual for my open house, Sophie has been in full gear checking out every bag and box I bring in the house--it is like she knows it is time for presents and she doesn't want to miss out on anything.

We received our first Christmas package on Thursday.  Sophie was so excited as I pulled all the wrapped gifts out of the box and read out the tags to her and to Herb.  Two of the gifts were to Sophie from her cousin Pennie (yes, our family dogs exchange gifts every year!).  Of course, she is just a puppy, she didn't understand what I was saying as I read the tag and put the gift down, did she?  No, she didn't.  Herb took the box to the trash and I put all the gifts under the tree so I could go back to my office to work on some last minute baby shower gifts.  I thought Sophie had come with me and was sleeping in her usual spot under my desk. 

Then I heard it.  A suspicious squeak.  I went out to the living room and here is what I saw:

Sophie looking at an unwrapped puppy toy with a look that said, "It wasn't me!"  Can you believe it, she pulled her own gift out from under the tree and unwrapped it--just like a little kid too excited to leave it alone.  A few minutes later she said with her eyes, "Well, as long as it is opened, I might as well play with it."

She pranced around the house all full of herself the rest of the day squeaking the toy as she went!  She hasn't tried to sneak anything else out, even though there is another toy for her under the tree.  What is really funny is that my sister Barbara walked into her living room yesterday to find Pennie with her opened gift from Sophie in her mouth.  These sneaky pups!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Thank you for taking time out to check my blog!  Today while my onions and celery are sauteing and my turkey is in the oven, I am making my gratitude list.  High on the list, I am thankful for my customers who have made this another great year and I am thankful for Stampin' Up!, an absolutely great companyI love that Stampin' Up! ranks relationships as one of its top priorities and I do, too.  I am thankful for all of the great friendships I have made through Stampin' Up!--and that includes you!

Shelli Gardner, the co-founder and CEO of Stampin' Up! sends a greeting to Stampin' Up! employees every Thanksgiving and includes an inspirational quote.  the home office shared it with us demonstrators and I will share it with you:

"Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year; to the honest man, it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow."--Edward Sandford Martin

Now I'm off to check on my onions and celery so I can finish up the dressing and get it in the oven when the turkey comes out!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sorry for the Silence

Sorry, folks, I have not had time to create--I have been busy purging my stash, organizing my stamp room to make space for new stuff, sorting old photos to get to some long neglected scrapbook projects, and I am working on a project for a Stampin' Up! contest that I cannot post here until the contest winners are announced.  My new stuff gets here next week--so I promise you will see something new by the end of next week!!!  In the meantime, Happy Stampin'!