Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Try Something New

I love making cards, that's one reason why I joined Stampin' Up - to get my hands on gorgous projects for a discount! But I also like to experiement a bit, and this week I stepped out of my comfort zone and did some art journalling.  I am really pleased with the results, although they probably ain't up to much!

I purchased a small 4x4 art journal, it is important you get an art journal rather than a standard pad or book as the paper needs to be able to carry all the different mediums and techniques that you want to do.  I would probably buy a bigger one next time, I think I was a litte apprehensive filling a larger space.

I used the Cupcakes and Carousel stamp set and the Lift Me Up Bundle (two of my must 'go to's' at the moment).  I used ink refillers to create the backgrounds - such versitile little pots of wonder, you can do so much with a drop of ink.

Everything is accented by clear Wink of Stell - I love that pen.  You can preserve the life of your pen by refilling with water once it has run out - there is still plenty of glitter in the barrel, just need a medium to carry it and water is fine for that.  I squeeze the barrel (where it says push) dip it underwater and release my squeeze so that water gets sucked back into the barrel, you may need to do it a couple of times (make sure the barrel is vertical before squeezing again or you will squeeze all the glitter out).

Here are my attempts.  I would love to hear you thoughts on art journalling - what techniques do you use? what Stampin' Up stamp sets are best to use?  Comment below.


One final question, would you like an Art Journalling class?  Let me know.


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