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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Texture Paste

You may have seen my You Tube video last week on some basic techniques with the Texture Paste so I thought I would put some of the projects here on my blog as well.

The new texture paste is an opaque white paste that is fast drying.  It is a good consistency for spreading and using with masks as well as blobbing on to create different effects (such as snow, sea, sky).  Alongside it in the catalogue are a set of four masks and a set of three offset palette knives.  The knives are very easy to work with and make spreading the paste easy and efficient.  You will be surprised at how little paste you need for a project, always start with a small amount and get more if you need to.  You can replace the paste back into the pot (as long as you have not altered it in anyway).

The paste can be coloued easily with ink refils or by dabbing your ink pad onto a craft sheet.  Be careful how much liquid you add as it will change the consistency of the paste.  The ink refils are better as the ink is more concentrated and you will get a stronger colour.  You can also add glitter or other textures into the paste.  Mix you paste and ink/glitter onto a craft sheet, start with a small amount and note how much of the ink or glitter you added so you can make up another batch if needed.

Remember it is fast drying so put the lid back onto the paste ASAP and wash your tools in warm soapy water immediately.

This tag uses the Brick mask and I colourd the paste by using a sponging on the ink once the paste had dried and blending the colours through with the sponge.  The ink takes a little long to air dry, but after that it is colourfast.

This was a very simple card to make using the cloud mask and the Lift Me Up Thinlets.  As you can see the paste is opaque white, but does allow some of the background colour through - however this can be altered by how thick you lay the paste down, or even by adding a second layer once the paste has dried.

This Christmas Card was created using the At home with You stamp and die set.  The white on white brick effect at the back lifts the card and adds context to the door.  Very quick and simple to do.
I will have some more tips and techniques in a few weeks time, but in the meantime have fun and comment below on what you have used the paste for and any tips you can pass on for using it.

I will be at the Lightwater Fayre in The Square this Saturday from 9.00am - 1.00pm, information about the Fayre can be found here 



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