Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Shhh....Christmas is on its way

Well, I have been busy.  I have my Open day in less than two weeks and I have been busy getting samples ready from the new Christmas/Holiday Catalogue.  Last week I showed you a sneak peak of the ‘Wreath for All Seasons’, well its finished now.  Wow, was it worth it.  Not only a thoroughly enjoyable project but fantastically useful in my house. 

I have created a happy birthday banner to be used with the numerous birthday celebrations (in fact my Birthday is next month, so I will be the first to use it!) and a banners Christmas, Autumn and Spring/Summer banners that mean it can be displayed all year. 

(You may also notice the 'Oh What Fun Tag Project Kit'....just saying)

I think it is worth reflecting on why we craft, particularly at this time of year.  Many of you will be starting your Christmas preparations, such as planning the Christmas day table decorations, tree decorations, cards, wreaths, gift wrapping, presents and many more.  Non-crafters (aliens) may wonder why do it.  Is it worth it when surely some items will not be appreciated?

The answer is yes!  This may be a very selfish yes, considering it is the season of giving.  But the joy of creativity for us crafters is worth the hours of repetitive sticking, inking, stamping and folding, it is worth the aborted attempts due to bad measuring and last minute smudges.  It is worth it because of the mental and physical benefits it brings to us during the last minute stress and craziness.  Even if one or two items are thrown away without acknowledgment or recognition of the hardwork that went into it.

Yes, Yes,Yes all these crafty goodies were worth it. 

Because I enjoyed doing it! 

Remember this in your bleakest hour, when detractors and advertisers are showing you the quick way out.  Also, most people do appreciate the time and thought that went into their homemade items.  Stamping Up have put together kits that do not take away your creative input, but just make the joy of co-ordination a little simpler this year. 

Remember the new catalogue is available from the 1st September.  Contact me if you would like a copy. 

New weekly deals and new items added to the clearance rack today!


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