Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Random Moments

This week I have had a Project Life week.  When I talk to people about Project Life, they say ‘I would love to do this but….’ And then come a stream of reasons why they just haven’t got the time or the resources to do it.  I fully understand, I have pockets here and half done pages there and a draw full of photos I want to record at ‘some point.’ 
I think the key is to understand why we scrapbook, Project Life, Record – or whatever else you want to call it – because there are some moments that you don’t want to lose, you want your family to fully appreciate when are not there to explain and recount – there is a photo and book which can open your descendants eyes.
You will never get it all done, you will never finish it all – certainly not if you want to live as well!  Some of it your family/children/friends may need to do (and not necessarily when you are dead either!).
But make a start.
But make it happen.
Does it need to be chronological?? Does it need to be alphabetical?? Does it need to be event-based?? Depends on how high your OCD is, personally I scrap, record, save what interests me the most, what is most important to me.  If you have all the information down a Librarian can organise it for you!  You need to do the recording and recounting, history, family history.
Here are a few that have been working on – one page spreads, which when I put them into albums will need to be re-organised, and yes I need to do the journaling as well.
I was planning to do a December Daily, however my laptop crashed and lost the majority of the photos, but I salvage some and will use the journaling cards to record the other memories.

Here is one of my favourite photos, my three girls holding hands – on their own accord – on the way home from school.  This was a lovely moment as the chatted and walked and I wanted to make the photo special.

This last spread is an assortment of photo’s, no order, no connection, apart from the fact they are random photos I took of moments I wanted to cherish and were stuck on my phone!  So I compiled them into random moments!
If you are stuck and can’t think were to start, start by coming to my Project Life club, 2 hrs a month of just you and your photos will get you motivated.  You will be amazed at how much you can get done when you just make a start.  Email me today for more details.


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