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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My First Must Have from the Spring Catalogue - Blog Hop

This week I have joined the 'Earning Alaska' blog hop.  In case you were not aware, part of the benefits of being a demonstrator is having the ability to earn eanough flex points to join the Incentive Trip.  For 2017, the trip is to Thailand, for 2018 the trip is to Alaska.  To help, I have joined a group which supports us in achieving our goals and aims.

This blog hop is about our first 'must haves' from the new Spring/Summer Occasions catalogue.  For me, it was the watercolour pencils.  I have never been very good a colouring and I have tried various markers and crayons, however I have had some success using ink pads with an aquapainter, so I though I would try the pencils.

I love them, I am amazed at how simple they are to use to get a graduated colour and shading.  The colour is vibrant and matches the ink pads precisely.  I love that I can use them on black card (albeit without adding water), kraft card and vellum (who else has had trouble colouring on vellum??).  I love that using the blender pen gives a different result than an aquapainter and that you can use sponges or a scrunch of paper to get different effects.

Here is a simple card made using the Birthday Bright Stamp set and the Watercolour Pencils.  I have used a sponge to get a textured effect behind the ballons.  On the card blank I simply splattered the colour from an aquapainter.  Scribble on a piece of scrap paper with the colour, wet with and pick up the colour with an aquapainter then tap the aquapainter to drop colour over the card.


Hopefully, you found me through Libby Dyson and to continue the hop, please see Karina Chin

Don't forget there is still time to book onto Friday's Workshop were we will be using the Lift Me Up and Carousels and Cupcakes set.  Or, maybe you fancy a project - then join me on Saturday 21st were we will be completeing the Tin of Cards Project Kit.



I love the watercolor pencils as well! Your card is wonderfully done!

Posted by Jayme Ziemer on January 11, 2017 at 03:55 AM #

I love what you have achieved with the Watercolor Pencils. What a fun project

Posted by Libby Dyson on January 11, 2017 at 08:50 AM #

Oh, yes! Those watercolor pencils are a favorite of mine too!!

Posted by Nichole Loe on January 11, 2017 at 10:02 PM #

I love the watercolor pencils too! Such a fun new medium to play with :)

Posted by Stacey Lane on January 12, 2017 at 02:55 AM #

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