Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hostess with the Mostess

Ever wondered what Hostess sets are?  They are sets that can be purchased at a special price if you have spent £150 or more in one order.  They are called hostess sets as they are an incentive for people to host parties and to get more than £150 in orders for their parties.
What type of parties are there?  Well you can host a traditional party at your house, you provide the refreshments and I will provide the stamping fun.  Before the party, together we decide what the theme and type of projects you and your guests would like, we organise the invite list, send out invites, direct people to my website to browse the products (or handout catalogues and order forms), explain what the aims of the party are, chase confirmation of attendance and buy the nibbles!
At the party I lead you and your guest through 2-3 projects, a few games and generally manage the mayhem!  At the end we gather in the orders and decide what free product you would like.  Until the end of March you get £20 more Stampin’ Rewards with party sales of £200 or more (so that is a minimum of £40 of free stuff!).  £400 of sales and you get one item at ½ price!
How about a Facebook party?  Invite everyone to a Facebook event and we can show your guests all the lovely products, add a few videos of how to use them and what they could achieve and ask them to email their orders through – with the same results for you of FREE STUFF.
Catalogue Party – hand out the catalogues and wait for the orders to come through. 

Generally holding a face-2-face party will generate more sales and free stuff for you, at the other end, a catalogue party would probably generate less sales, but is less work for you!
Maybe you feel it is unfair to ask your friends to buy stuff so you get free stuff, however it could be a monthly party, where each month a different friend is the host.  All you need to do is agree to spend a minimum amount each month to ensure everyone gets free hostess awards.
Contact me to book your party before the end of March and you could join my ‘How many friends do YOU have’ challenge!
Here are a few samples using the Iconic Occasions Hostess Set:



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