Friday, 25 March, 2016

My Big Fat Wedding 2

javascript:void(shopLink())Yesterday I went to my first time of a partnership with Events Theatres promotion of Chicks at the Flicks at Beverly Hills NSW.  The promotion was to co-incide with the new movie being shown tonight at the movies for the first time.  But last night they had a promotion and I had my first night for the year. I was shocked when told only a few days ago that it was for about 300 woman.  Usually it is for about 80 or so for which I am to have a set up in the foyer.  I am not alone, there were about 8 other ladies there, with their wares to show.  We don't sell anything but make and show as much as we like.   I had cards and lots of miscellaneous items advertising my classes etc. 
I was so very fortunate my Upline came with me and helped me get around all the ladies and the dancing Zorbas!!  There was lots of balloons and streamers and a man singing all the songs of the Greek Isles it was marvelous.  The young men who worked at the theatre all had togas on and had joggers and socks it looked funny.  It was such a fun filled night.  Now I hope I made an impression and there will be some orders made.