Friday, February 9, 2018

5 Reasons I Like Stampin Up

HI - Positively Debbie here for Positive Journeys Crafting. Ok - so life is not always positive is it? But I am trying to look for the positive in all things. Positive Journeys are a work in progress and we are all on a Positive Journey. I must thank you, my fellow Journeyers, as we travel on this road of life together and craft and make beautiful things. 

You are all my inspiration!

God has put in me the passion to teach. From a very young age, I would line up all my dolls and stuffed animals and teach them. Other kids wanted to play house and I wanted to play school. I have since found out that my greatest desire is to teach, encourage and inspire others in CRAFTING!!! Stampin Up allows me to do that! Crafting can do and be so much - not that you anything more to fuel your addiction to crafting - but here are 5 things that crafting and Stampin Up can do. 

1. It can be an emotional outlet - since all Positive Journeys have some kind of negativity thrown in the path - Stampin Up and the projects you can make helps you keep and maintain the right mindset.

2. It can give you an awesome feeling of accomplishment

3. It eases stress and helps lessen the anxiety of depression 

4. It actually helps with memory and eye and hand coordination - which is good - especially as we get older.

5. It is a great way to meet other people who have the same interest and a good way to make a few extra dollars (if you join as a Demonstrator) 

All of the above has helped me!!! 

And it is my desire to help you live out your Positive Journey - step - by - step, day-by-day, moment - by - moment 


Saturday, August 26, 2017

11 Reasons Why I Joined Stampin Up

 - So I became a Stampin Up Demonstrator. I love Stampin Up!
‚ÄčAnytime one starts a new business or sets a new goal to acheive - you are always asked to define your why. Here are my 11 reasons why I want to be a Stampin Up Demonstrator.

  • ‚ÄčI was a former Close to My Heart Consultant but I probably bought more Stampin Up than Close to My Heart
  • I think marketing Stampin Up is much easier
  • I love - love - love all Stampin Up products.
  • The envelope punch board is my new favorite tool
  • I have been a subscriber to Paper Pumpkin probably since it started
  • I love my Paper Pumpkin
  • Stampin Up is so versatile
  • I can still use my Cricut
  • I can also use the Big Shot
  • I really, really want to build a Positive Journey team of dedicated women who want to start a small in home business and who have a desire to inspire others through creativity.
  • I want to teach others how crafting through Stampin Up can be therapeutic in anyone's positive journey of fitness and healthy living.