Monday, August 21, 2017

You've Got Style Birthday Card

Well I'm back from holidays and am ready to dive back into the blogging world!
We had a great holiday in Toronto and Niagara Falls. Beautiful country but I am so glad to be home. Tourist season was in high gear and there were so many people! We took in a couple Blue Jays games, the main reason for going there and we even made the Friday night highlight reel on TSN! The first home run came right towards us! I literally froze in my seat thinking please don't come to me!! Haha! 
Blurry picture saved from my camera!!

That's us right in the front middle seats, thank goodness you couldn't see the horrified look on my face... I really didn't want to be on tv and when we watched the highlights, we were there! Like I told eveyone, if you didn't know it was us, you couldn't tell! Haha!

And then us watching the Saturday game.. I didn't want it to end! It was so much fun!! Love how the picture is reflected from the field onto the plexi glass. Too cool!

So when I arrived home, I was surprised with a belated birthday card from a friend from Ohio! She used the You've Got Style stamp set and even sent me a couple extra stamped images which was awesome since I don't own this stamp set!

Ain't she cute! I totally loved the way she wrapped the silver thread around the layer of cardstock! What a smart idea! 
Well that's it from me today. As many of you know I have been experiencing technical difficulties with my Blog. Today I called in after procrastinating for 6 weeks and boom! the girl knew exactly what was wrong! I am so dumb!! Well ok I called it computer illiterate.... same thing! 
Thanks for stopping by today. I have lots to share so please check back in soon!