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Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year To All!

Happy New Year Everyone!
Hope you had a fabulous night, and if you were anything like me, you were in bed way before midnight! I was on my Kobo until 2 a.m. mind you, so am dragging my butt today!
Here is alittle recap of our Christmas Holiday on the Sunshine Coast!
We all flew out to see my Brother, Sister In Law and their family. We had so much fun and I have already said, I can see our kids driving out to explore more of the country and coastline.
We did fly back the 29th but missed the 4.8 earthquake by a mere 13 hours! And the 2 horrible Air Canada flights that ended in mayhem!! We flew West Jet!
The funny thing that happened not even 1/2 an hour getting to my Brothers, dear daughter dropped her phone in the sink..... of water of course!! We all prayed for a small Christmas Miracle as the phone sat in a lonely bag of rice for the remainder of the visit. Now you may think, oh no!! Which of course we did, but my Christmas Miracle happened because of this little slight of hand! Dear daughter had to borrow my phone, which she did the rest of the trip, and although I have always kidded that she is a Selfie Queen, I ended up with beautiful pictures of the kids, scenery, food.... that I would not have, so that my friend was my blessing!!

Merry Christmas From Sechelt B.C.
A fabulous trip was had by all, and we all feel very blessed that we were able to do this with our kids. With lives so busy, we were all able to get the time off and spend with our dear family.
Thanks for your continued support and friendship, 2016 is here and I am so excited to another year of sharing!


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Out With The Old......

Hello! I do hope your weekend is going well! I had fun, my Sister came down for a visit and we all met up at Mom's for supper last night. Little did I know it a was celebration for my little "retirement" or as I call it "Unemployed"! Mom bought me a cake, my Sister bought me Wine (she knows me well) although I saw my daughter eyeing it up! LOL!
My Cake Read, Out with the old, In with the new! Unfortunately I can't upload a picture of me and my cake but I will share the beautiful bouquet of flowers I got from my Bosses. I have never seen roses like this, they are absolutely gorgeous!

So strikingly beautiful and my dining room smells like a flower shop, that has never happened before with any flowers I've had!
Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Meet Sadie Lady!

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by today! I have a couple cute pictures to share of the newest member of the stampin crew! She is adorable.....

We just love her! And the dog has finally warmed up to her!

She actually belongs to Brooklyn, so they call me Grandma, haha! She has been with us for 2 weeks now, it's really hard to believe how much she has grown!
She loves to "help" me while I stamp! Actually a little pain in the butt... we will be working on that!!
Thanks for stopping by and meeting Sadie! Check back tomorrow to see my cards from my Secret Sister!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

My NEW Best Friend!

Good Morning! Please don't worry, none of you are being replaced but I am so excited to share my new BFF... Ready!!??

Isn't she beautiful!!
My daughter asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said a Label Maker!! She looks at me like I suddenly grew a third head and said, "A LABEL MAKER!" "I AM NOT BUYING YOU A LABEL MAKER!" I said why not?? They are only like $30 and I really want one! I was a little more excited than she was that's for sure. So come Christmas morning I truely was not expecting this little cutie to show up and change my unorganized life forever! Haha!
So I had a little fun in the Craft Room last night. And yes, she did realize afterwards how much I would use it... yes Mama is right again!
I am so excited to get to work labeling everything!
Have a fabulous day and please check back tomorrow for Mailable Monday. I also have a picture tutorial for you this week on a new to me technique that I did for my Swap cards so stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year!! Hope you had a good night. We were pretty tame last night, in bed and reading by 10pm. Still can't believe we're into the New Year already, boy does time fly.
I don't have a card to share but I do have my present from my Mom and Simon, so pretty.

Thomas Kincade

Isn't it pretty, I can use it year after year, love the snowscape!

I am hoping to get down to the stamp cave today and play with my new stuff! Remember the new catty starts today! Your catty should be in the mail!
Have a fabulous day & remember to check out the updated Clearance Rack (Dec 27th)
Happy Stamping!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Feathers from Heaven

Happy Boxing Day! I hope you had a fabulous day with family and friends. We waited til everyone gathered yesterday and opened presents at 4pm! Wow, that's a new record for us, but it was great to have everyone home.
On Monday my friend gave me a new ornament for the tree. She knows how much I love my ornaments, and the one she gave me made me cry! Yes at 8:00 in the morning, she's like I know right!!??! She also recieved the same ornament from her friend.... We have both lost our Dad's many years ago to Cancer, so we really love this reminder that they are still with us in spirit.

Feather Ornament

Feathers from an Angel
Is one we rarely see
But this one is quite special
And as special as can be

These feathers are a reminder
Of a Father's Love
Who now is your Guardian Angel
Watching and protecting from above

Such a beautiful reminder that they are always with us in spirit.
So today is probably going to be a lazy day, back to work tomorrow for one day and than off again.
Thanks for stopping by and just a reminder, I am putting in my last order for the seasonal catty so if there anything you need give me a call.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Teddy Bear for Anita

Hi! It's almost the weekend, well almost! I sure hope we see the sun soon, enough of the rain. I sure hope it is sunny for Graduation next week, here's hoping!

I had the honor of making a little name card for a special little 4 year old girl in our area who has cancer. She has been given one month, so, so sad. She wanted a sand box, but is too sick to use one, so the family built her a special chair to sleep in as her breathing is very laboured. My co-worker delivered the tiny teddy bear in a sand pail to her yesterday, as she held the bear she smiled. Her father started crying saying she hadn't smiled in weeks! Amazing what a $6 teddy bear can do for the human spirit.


The bear came with the "gift card" holder around it's neck. I took it out, made the little punch art birdie holding the flowers and put her name on it.

She was so excited with her present. On the back of the card I stamped "You are simply Wonderful" on the back from a retired stamp set.  What a precious little girl.

Thanks for stopping by today, hug the ones you love, life is way too short.

Stop by tomorrow for my Father's Day cards I made.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Hello, and thank you for stopping by today... er.. tonight! I had a very busy day at work, so took alittle extra time for relaxing tonight. Brooklyn had to try on her Grad dress again tonight, she picked it up yesterday. As much as she tries not to show her excitement, I totally know it is really starting to sink in! I remember my Grad like it was yesterday, walking down the isle at the end and crying, realizing it was over and the real world was right around the corner, I totally know what she is going through! Awww..... 

I was given the pleasure of making a collage for a family, who's daughter was born premature and spent the first couple of months in the NICU. As a celebration for these special kids, the families hang pictures of the children who have "graduated" and got to go home. I was blessed to be asked to make this sweet baby girls frame and is now hanging in her Saskatoon Hospital, on the Memory Wall. I hope to visit this wall some day, I am sure it would be simply amazing.



She is absolutely adoreable!

I love the way the Swallowtail Butterfly stamp is reminiscent of new life, still one of my favorite stamps, so glad it carried over to the new catty.

I also put a message into the back of the frame, for Kenna, a little something if anyone ever takes it apart. My little secret!!!

Thanks for stopping by, check back again, still have lots more to share.

I have to spend the weekend making a bunch of Graduation cards for my daughters friends, which I will share as they come off the press!

Have a fabulous day!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

20 Years Til Retirement!

There! I just told you how old I am! I received a beautiful flower arangement from Rob. Matthew was the one who picked them out, and he did a fantastic job!


Patty and Jay took me out for lunch and she made me this really cute card. She loves doing punch art and makes the neatest cards!




Thanks for stopping by today, sorry for the late post, something is going kooky with my pictures..... I sure hope this works!