Thursday, April 11, 2013

Photopolymer Stamp Set Class

Stampin' Up! just released it's first ever completely clear photopolymer stamp sets called Designer Typeset and Bombs Away Birthday.  The photopolymer sticks extremely well to our clear blocks, inks up nicely, won't age over time, and allows for bending and manipulation of the image.  The price for either set with shipping and tax is just $16.42.  For a class fee of $20, you can come try out this new type of stamp by making several projects using these two sets at class on May 7th at 7pm.  And each person will go home with their own Designer Typeset or Bombs Away Birthday stamp set!  RSVP by April 23rd (with the name of the stamp set you'd like) so that I can order the supplies.  Also, remember to bring your adhesive to class.


You can see the 57 piece Designer Typeset stamp set above and below is a card made with this stamp set.  (CASED from Mary Fish.)  Notice how well I was able to place th letters in the pennants since I could see completely through the stamp!  Very easy!  And I love that you can bend the stamp as I did with the banner to put the curve in it.

And below is the Bombs Away Birthday stamp set -

image description


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