Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cowboy/Cowgirl Birthday Party Games

I previously posted the invitation, decorations, and food for the kids' recent Cowboy/Cowgirl Birthday Party.  The games were a huge part of the fun and one of the things we enjoyed the most while planning the party. 

1.  Horseshoes and Beanbags - We had adult and child horseshoes set up, along with a cute beanbag game we found at the farm store called Cow Chip Toss.

2.  Snake In The Boot - For this game, two kids had to stand on straw bales and try to drop toy snakes into a cowboy boot.  The one who got the most snakes in the boot was the winner.

3.  Barrel Races - We split the kids into two teams for this relay race.  Each member of the team had to race on their stick horse to the "barrel", go around it, and race back to give their next team member a turn.  The team to finish first won.

4.  Cow Cow Steer - Played just like Duck Duck Goose!

5.  Lasso the Horse - We had our bouncy horse out in the yard and had made a child friendly lasso out of rope and a hula hoop.  The kids took turns trying to lasso the "horse".
(We had my bother-in-law give them a demonstration of real lassoing first!)

6.  Digging for Gold - Although messy, this game occupied them all night long!  They just kept coming back to it.  We had spray painted rocks gold and put them into a tray filled with sand and water.  Then the kids were each given a pouch to collect their gold in and they "panned" for gold with aluminum pie plates that we had drilled holes into.